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Random question: Is it loom-poh, or luhm-poh, or some other pronunciation.

I loved loved loved this! The snippets and glimpse we get into the relationship between these ladies was sweet, so full of feeling. I was definitely hooked, and hoping for a happy ending!

The art here is lovely, the effects and sound made for some great laughs and smiles. This game was a joy to play, and I thank you for sharing this treat with us.

That was short but definitely cute. Worth a play :3
I was hoping for more subtext though but nice this way too :)


amazing game could be a bit longer though i finished in about 2 mins

Great game!! I really loved it, very well done

It's so cute! I love the art and all the little details.





This was beautiful, you get only the briefest glimpses of Amy and Lumpo and yet that's enough to give such depth of feeling! I also enjoyed playing around with the little icons on the desktop, loved the detail.

I did a Let's play of it! It was actually a really charming game <3 Quite surprised this small little indie game didn't get much recognition.

What a bitter-sweet game. It's so short (no, wrong phrasing, it's the perfect length for what it is), but I didn't notice how fast it made me care about Amy and Lumpo until the end (ouch my heart!). I liked the little details, like the icons on desktop and the coke bottle lids :D

Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

I really liked this. It felt so chill, and then the narrative trickles out indirectly and casually. The art is so cute too!

thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)) (we were going for a chill vibe too so I'm glad that feeling came through!!)

What a lovely sense of place. I really enjoyed this!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


Ah, this is great! The style is cute and fun and it manages to communicate a really effective bittersweet story with a few simple scenes. My favorite was the TV one - switching channels to advance the dialogue is perfect for capturing them idly hanging out.

iah!! Thank you so much! We tried to capture the feeling of a lazy afternoon in the TV scene, and I'm glad that feeling came through! :))

i downloaded and extracted it, but there is no executable game file? only unplayable data files :(

I uploaded an updated version, the game should work now. Thanks for telling me!