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This was the cutest! Short and simple,  but was able to pull me in.   Got me thinking about the girls I've liked throughout my childhood+highschool years. Wish you had more games! :) 

Thanks to everyone who made this and for making it playable/free for broke peeps like me! haha

I did a Let's play of it! It was actually a really charming game <3 Quite surprised this small little indie game didn't get much recognition.

What a bitter-sweet game. It's so short (no, wrong phrasing, it's the perfect length for what it is), but I didn't notice how fast it made me care about Amy and Lumpo until the end (ouch my heart!). I liked the little details, like the icons on desktop and the coke bottle lids :D

Thank you!!! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)

I really liked this. It felt so chill, and then the narrative trickles out indirectly and casually. The art is so cute too!

thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed the game :)) (we were going for a chill vibe too so I'm glad that feeling came through!!)

What a lovely sense of place. I really enjoyed this!

Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!


Ah, this is great! The style is cute and fun and it manages to communicate a really effective bittersweet story with a few simple scenes. My favorite was the TV one - switching channels to advance the dialogue is perfect for capturing them idly hanging out.

iah!! Thank you so much! We tried to capture the feeling of a lazy afternoon in the TV scene, and I'm glad that feeling came through! :))

i downloaded and extracted it, but there is no executable game file? only unplayable data files :(

I uploaded an updated version, the game should work now. Thanks for telling me!